Quilting is Oh-Sew-Healthy...?

Welcome to our first blog! We're all a little new to this so we're going to keep it short and sweet and touch on a topic that I think we'll all find interesting! As always, we love to chat about the latest sewing news--and this topic is fun--so stop in and see us!

Lately, we all seem to be moving 1000 miles an hour in every direction. There is always an extra errand or last minute appointment or that person you still haven't called back. Like every hobbyist we crave the moments we can be elbow deep in our projects. We jump at the chance to get in just those last few stitches... We dart into the shop to get thread in every conceivable color because “you never know…”? We spend time perfecting our craft because we enjoy it and it's fun. Well, today I'm here to tell you that our hobbies are SO MUCH MORE! New studies have shown that sewing is good for our health!!

“The former Home Sewing Association commissioned a study which compared five different home-centered pastime activities that used similar eye-hand movements and involved both experienced and novice sewers. Using biofeedback technology, changes to physiological indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration rate and skin temperature were recorded. The results indicated that sewing not only helped the women to relax mentally, but the subjects experienced drops in heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration as well.”

Many spend years mastering the art of meditation to get similar results. Don’t get me wrong, meditation is great and anyone who can manage to find a moment of Zen in today’s world gets an A+ in my book…but I never could wear the result of a great meditative episode. Sewing is a life skill that gives you a creative outlet. Sewing is an art. Sewing is now clinically proven to reduce stress and benefit your health. So, stop what you’re doing, head to Sewing on the River and buy all the fabric you want…it’s for your health!


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